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The Skudo Group is a family owned and operated group of companies founded in Australia by the Bone family in 2004. Initially established as an offshoot from their successful decorative coatings company - Skudo was created after identifying a strong opportunity within the construction sector associated with temporary protection. Skudo subsequently developed a range of unique peelable coatings which has continued to grow both in range and innovative improvements.

Since its inception Skudo has grown rapidly and currently operates in many markets throughout the world under its own brand or through I.P. licensing and other generically branded trade names. Skudo Group have developed a number of patent pending systems and continue to grow it’s R&D and Product Innovation program.

Skudo products have won awards for innovation in both the construction and marine sector and continue to provide simple yet functional solutions for the ever changing demands of the modern day construction site.


Skudo’s vision is to be the global leader in temporary protection and safety systems for the construction and marine Industries. Skudo aims to also be a leader in specialist adhesive systems and continue to identify opportunities that require simple, innovative solutions whilst maintaining a strong, environmentally responsible position on every product we develop.

Our integrity to the market and to our business partners is a very strong focus as we believe relationships in business is the most important element to a successful business.

Why Skudo Products?

If you are serious about saving money on construction sites from not having to fix or replace damaged substrates or fixtures, then Skudo Products are your answer. Whether you are a home renovator or a commercial developer, every dollar counts, and we know it. Ask us today how we can help protect your project from unnecessary expenses.

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