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The HT-250-Heavy Traffic, commercial protection system for concrete is our flagship product providing all the necessary requirements to fulfill a demanding commercial work-site. Skudo HT-250 sets the bar very high providing the maximum performance in protection and safety.

Skudo HT-250 is a two part composite system comprising of a liquid Base Coat and a specially coated fibrous mat that is applied around 14 days after the concrete has been laid. The system is designed to provide excellent protection from the weather, trades and machinery and allows for work to continue without the concern of easy floor damage. Because HT-250 actually adheres to the surface, it blocks any possible containments to enter under the mat and potentially damage the surface. And the, soon to be released “Skudo Cure” will provide a revolutionary system whereby the Skudo products will create an all-in-one cure and protect system within 48 hours after pour.

Skudo HT-250 also creates a very safe work surface reducing the risk of workplace accidents through slips and slides. Skudo HT-250 has fire certification and is mould resistant. Once the project is completed or you are ready to polish, Skudo HT-250 simply peels off and you are ready to go.

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Heavy Traffic

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Why Skudo Products?

If you are serious about saving money on construction sites from not having to fix or replace damaged substrates or fixtures, then Skudo Products are your answer. Whether you are a home renovator or a commercial developer, every dollar counts, and we know it. Ask us today how we can help protect your project from unnecessary expenses.

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