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Complete protection during construction

Skudo provides the most extensive range of temporary protection systems available by providing the right solution for every application. Skudo's patent pending systems cater for light "D.I.Y." protection through to heavy commercial activity in many industries including construction, marine and aerospace.

Products are divided into 5 main categories: FLOOR • FLOOR / WALL • GENERAL USE • WALL / WINDOW • MARINE

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Tack Mat

Edge and Corners

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Window Advance

Glass and frames

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Why Skudo Products?

If you are serious about saving money on construction sites from not having to fix or replace damaged substrates or fixtures, then Skudo Products are your answer. Whether you are a home renovator or a commercial developer, every dollar counts, and we know it. Ask us today how we can help protect your project from unnecessary expenses.

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Complete Protection

Fully protect your project with Skudo products

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